Now you can live like a Vipp

No, not in the Danish company’s waste bin, but in its 55m² plug and play getaway, the Vipp shelter.

The shelter arrives as an assembly kit to your plot. Vipp delivers and installs and you do not have to lift a finger, except the one pointing to where you want it.

Since 1939, when Holger Nielsen crafted a practical pedal bin for his wife’s hairdressing salon, Vipp has specialised in the manufacture of industrial objects or tools to improve everyday life.

The Vipp shelter is born from the same function principles as the Vipp bin and is a tool to escape to nature.

Today, Vipp is a third-generation family-owned company run by Holger’s daughter Jette Egelund, her two children Kasper and Sofie, and 45 employees. Vipp’s base is Islands Brygge in Copenhagen from where it steadily grows its product range spanning the categories of kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, lighting, accessories and prefab homes.

Whether producing a suction hook or a shelter, Vipp’s driving ambition is always to bring functional principles found in the professional market into the private home with genuine, industrial design objects.





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