Elise Som integrates technology with aesthetics

Here Elise Som talks about the inspiration behind the company's recently-launched technologically compatible, modular stool collection. Sacred Geo is manufactured using 95% recycled glass and 5% epoxy resin.

As an Interior and Furniture Designer, Elise is expanding her brand of furniture with the company’s new Sacred Geo collection. Embracing her belief that “true luxury is to design with a responsible heart”, the new pieces are made of 95% recycled glass and 5% epoxy resin.

Using components of water, wine or beer bottles, broken TV screens, mirrors and seashells, the furniture is proudly sourced and made locally in the UK. The collection consists of modular stools that transform into side tables and each piece can incorporate a charging device.

A unique addition
Elise is passionate about the environment and has embraced a ‘vegan approach’ when it comes to the materials she uses. She celebrates the beauty of nature, incorporating into her designs the shapes that are endlessly found within the universe.


Commenting on her new Sacred Geo collection, Elise said: “I wanted to produce a table made with a new kind of material that hadn’t been used before. The charging table is unique in material composition and also innovative as a smartphone charger.

“It is revolutionary. Of course we have seen charging stations before, but this is avant-garde of being new age. It answers all questions of sustainability.”

Supporting Elise’s vegan approach when it comes to the materials she uses, she believes it is of utmost importance for interior designers to use recycled elements within their schemes, as she explains: “Everyone has to do their part, including designers, and it is a good way for them to educate their clients. Designers have a major influence to be involved in sustainability.”


Elise’s Sacred Geo collection consists of modular stools that transform into side tables and she has incorporated ‘Sacred Geometry’ shapes into the entire collection. The table was designed for residential and commercial projects and the receiver to charge smartphones has been built-in below the surface of the table.

“This piece has an advantage over the other pieces as it has a charger built-in, but the whole collection is functional,” comments Elise. “Currently, we have created it as one colour, but 30 colour options are available.”

For more information on Elise Som and her range of modular stools and side tables, please visit the company’s website.



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