Founded in February 2015, MySlouch is a quirky yet contemporary design company that celebrates the infinite possibilities of its extremely versatile Glow Fabric. Founded by Yvonne Slough, the idea of Glow Globe came from event organising and wedding decorating commissions abroad, for which outdoor functions stretching into the night were most popular.

As tennis fever floods Britain with a fortnight of the 2017 Wimbledon Championships, there’s no better way to embrace the occasion than with the new custom-made ‘Grass’ armchair from Bespoke Sofa London.

Here Elise Som talks about the inspiration behind the company's recently-launched technologically compatible, modular stool collection. Sacred Geo is manufactured using 95% recycled glass and 5% epoxy resin.

Cypriot Furniture Designer, Stelios Mousarris, designs some of the industry’s finest, imaginative furniture pieces. Far from the mundane flat-packed furniture of yesteryear, his quirky designs ooze creativity and innovation.

Lighting design has radically transformed since the introduction of ceiling-mounted chandeliers in the 15th century and today’s designs are not only fit for purpose, but are frequently used as statement centrepieces for interiors.

After leaving Pierre Cardin, Pierre Yovanovitch opened his own practice during 2001 and today he is expressing his talent in some very different contexts through ambitious projects all over the world.

Since childhood, Mads Thornam has always had a great passion for design. He was fascinated by Danish design and loved the classics. This inspiration led to him opening up his own company, BY THORNAM.

Renowned for his innovative work with lighting, American Designer Kevin Reilly designs luxurious lighting to create environments that are harmonious, warm and inviting. Reilly’s collections diffuse a romantic light from day to night that elegantly fill any room with sculptural form.

Portuguese art and design brand, Bessa, recovers techniques of craft production into unique, exclusive and luxurious home decor pieces. Bringing back the charm of ancient times through a new interpretation, Bessa’s latest design – the Uk Sofa – is a modern interpretation of a classic era.

Luxury furniture supplier KOKET’s principal designers are a group of exceptionally artistic and well-rounded product designers who are led by KOKET’s Creative Director’s creative eye. Here, KOKET’s Creative Director, Janet Morais, explains what inspired her elegant design for the company’s newly-unveiled black and gold Nahema Chair.

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